Are the products and the company still here 5 years from now?

If we promised that noone would beleive us.

No, there is no ways to promise something like that. But we can tell you who we are, how long we have been working and our situation. Then you may find that the percentage for us to still be here are very big.


All our activities are built around long-term business. Maybe too long. But this is important to us. Besides, we feel that itīs good for our customers, who bought our products in 1991, to knows that we still do everything to support them. And! Still deliver similar products. We have still not failed.

When we develope new products the combination of finding product solutions, with a long lifetime, and the technical solution just as important. That, together with a solid economy and no adventurous magnificence, makes the future bright.

Our businessrange.

Efficiency and security with help from datacollection and wireless communication to and from mobile and peripheral units.

The concentration of business holds in one and a half line and is important to us. We have had the same concentration since 1984 (our mother company started that days with mobile data) when we added "wireless communication" to our products. We believe in stability and a firm concentration. It is important to our customers but most of all to ourselves. If the concentration is well thought-out we donīt have to change it as soon as some new technics showes up.

Our background.

The mother company, Inge Eklund Elektronik AB, started in 1980 and already in 1982 they worked with datacollection with small terminals and computers. 1991 Mobiterm AB went into market as a complement to the mother company. We saw an interesting mobiledata and were free to develop products for wireless data communications and mobile applications. The development has proceeded and today it is an advanced technics. You can see it yourself on our Internet pages.

Our concentration is mobile datacommunication.

Our businessrange is datacollection together with mobile and wireless datacommunication (e.g. via GSM or Mobitex). We develope both hard- as well as software and have built up a base of own products which can be used separately och in systems.

We have special knowledge in mobile datacommunication. We donīt use it just to give a good function. Instead we make them to gives a good total economy for our customers. Therefore we can do a cost accountings for solutions already in an early stage. Often we offer special adjusted products based on our basic product line. This gives possibilities to custom specific solutions in a very favourable economic way.

The communications are changing and thats why we continously investigate the market for different wireless networks and adjust our products depending on radio and network functions.

Today there is a number of wireless datanets to choose between and it will probably be more during the coming years. Since all our products are based on modules we have founded an economical and fast way to be in the market tomorrow.


We consider ourselves to, during the years, have built up a very good technical knowledge concerning wireless datacommunication. Besides, we also manage to solve most problems our customers need help with and are in our workingrange.

The problem, when technics is growing so fast, is to be updated with coming datasystems och telenets. Thatīs why we work with network where competence always is developed and stimulated. We can be a part of that. We ar getting more involved all the time and that feels secure.

What our products is used for.

The users are in Europe as well as in other parts of the world. Many systems are used with GPS to know where vehicles are destinated. Here, we have developed a unique way to transmit the information so it vill be cost efficient. We know that our solutions can give a really good cost reduce when itīs about the variable costs, e.g. traffic costs in radio- and telenets.

Even our low priced PicoSYSTER is available with a unique and practical feature named dynamic zon handling. We are working on more effective ways to use GPS wirelss and then it is just to upgrade. We do not stop since we have so many nice ideas. In our business we let you, as a customer, choose when you find it powerful to upgrade.
Except GPS our solutions are used for information transfer, control, supervising and alarms. Then itīs not only burgler alarms but supervising alarms, control, security, route alarms and production alarms. Our products are used in service cars, trucks, machines, ambulances, vehicles for security transport, policecars, boats, railways, in factories, in controlstations and for traffic lights.

The future.

We can not see any reason to change our business activities. The need for datacollecting is growing and together with that different communication ways. Our construction will therefore continue in the same sector. The difference will be more and more advanced collecting systems and more wireless nets to be adapted to.

Probably, the number of different SYSTERs will increase. Even the amout of flexible softwares will probably increase, but that is natural since we donīt like to take away any products and still continously develope new ones.

We think we are well prepared for the future and more active than ever for planning new products. Fashion is not for us. Neither technics with no realistic anchoring. Such is fun for hobby but not for our activity.


We are located in the Swedish region of Sundsvall in mid Sweden even if you find it far to the north if you visit us. However, we are just 5 minutes from a big airport.

With the communicationnets of today (e.g. Internet) itīs very simple to communicate and exchange information. Today it feels veryt well we are in a small world. Besides, many of our products are prepared for remote service. This means that we can almost give as good service to users in Stockholm as in other parts of the world.