How are our products sold?

Our selling

Our products are sold through retailers, distributers or directly from us. Other channels is systemintegraters and co-operate partners where they use our products in system where they then sell the totality.

Our distributors has a good knowledge in wireless and mobile datacommunication and know our products well. Besides we have, together with the distributor, built up an ability about our product strategy.

Do intend to buy our products?

You can always get in contact with us and discuss your needs. It is also possible to buy directly from us and then get all support from us.

If you buy from a distributor and dealer we hope you forward your support questions to them. Probably they have all the answers and know you. If they need assistance we help them. Then they get even better knowledge.

Are you a distributor interested in our products?

We try to have distributors covering our complete line. It's not so easy since it is wide. On the other hand we feel that then it is possible to meet the needs of our users.

If you think our products might be something for your market activities, please get in contact with us and tell us why.

We are still conservative enough to beleive in long term relations with our distributors, based on agreements and knowledge. So we can't promise anything but we are always interested in further discussions. Our main interest is our users. Good things for them are good business for us and our distributors.


Standardproducts are delivered from us with a usermanual in English. It is up to our distributors to find out if other languages is needed.

Specialproducts are delivered without manual as standard.

Systemmanuals are not included in the products price since itīs seldom needed more than one or two per installation. Itīs available and have to be ordered as a separate product.

Read the manual! most of problems are solved with help of it. Our first question, when you contact us for support, will be: "Have you read the manual?". Like in school. And like the teacher we know if you have done it or not.


To be able to give an adequate service for our products, we need to have a proper description what is wrong. If you want to phone and explain the problem itīs, of course, welcome but we still need a written description together with the product.

You donīt need a servicenumber, for service. Itīs enough to send the product to us by paid freight. Itīs the same for warranty service.

If you have problem to be without the hardwareproduct (which we hope you have) and it still can be in tolerable use, you can phone and book a servicetime. This can be good at e.g. longer time off and so on.

Sometimes we get products, for service, where we canīt find anything wrong (or miss a description of the problem). They will be returned without consideration and we charge you for check-up and return freight. So be specific with your explanation. Then we kan find what is wrong and help you in a proper and efficiant way.


Itīs our goal that our products will be in good use in a favourable way. Naturally we will help you with support but we can easily be overloaded with work. Thatīs why we would like you to follow these simple rules:
  • Read the manual. We will ask you about that.
  • Send your questions by E-mail or fax. Donīt forget to tell how we can reach you.
  • If itīs difficult to explain by letter you can send your question by mail and then phone us.
  • If itīsreally hurry you are always welcome to phone direct.
When you report any goofy things with a software, please report version, date and place for purchase, your PC and operating system, type of network and connection and then make a description. Please also add if the problem is repeatable.

Itīs important for us to get the information, written, since then it is easier to follow up what questions or problems that can appear. We often must connect a similar equipment and try it ourselves.

Error reports

Special softwares can behave strangely in certain connections. Reports about that we are interested to have and then in the same way as for support.


Our softwares is always in progress and thatīs, naturally, also the case for the software in our SYSTER-family. Updates is important to do but sometimes you donīt use the functions thatīs improved. Then you shall not update.

Please, ask us for advice if itīs necessary to update your software.